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A fully-featured application that allows users to check out the things of our planetary system in a 3D setting, namely earths, spatial probes, satellites, constellations, stars, and others,WinStars is a software application that comes loaded with several dedicated criteria for helping customers check out the items of our solar system in a 3D environment.

The interface may appear a bit overwhelming at a very first glance, but this is only because the program bundles many features for tailoring the 3D animation results.It provides 2 various modes to pick from (planetarium or solar system) and offers users the possibility of checking out various details about the earths, spatial probes and also satellites, such as heliocentric as well as physical info (e.g. longitude, latitude, range, size, illumination, size), along with print the info.

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You can specify the day, local time and time area, latitude, longitude, as well as air pressure and also temperature. Plus, the powerful built-in internet search engine gives users the opportunity to try to find celebrities, earths, comets, planets or constellations rather quickly.


Additionally, you can make the program hide or reveal the constellations, stars, earths, probes, nebulae, comets, asteroids, the Galaxy, orbits as well as their names from the working environment.When it pertains to modifying the 3D computer animation specifications, you can define the speed or time delay between 2 frameworks as well as the variety of structures per second. It is likewise possible to play or stop the animation and also choose the turning style.

You can utilize the mouse arrow to proceed the solar system map, use zooming options, as well as switch to a complete screen setting or night vision. Various other features worth pointing out allow customers to take snapshots or capture the 3D computer animation to a video clip documents. You may also transform the font design and shade for the names of the celebrities, worlds, comets, asteroids, probes, and also many others.

Altogether, WinStars is a convenient application that supplies excellent picture quality for displaying the items of our planetary system in a 3D atmosphere.


Some functions are not available:
High-resolution textures
The Tycho2 and also the UCAC4 brochures
DSS function


  • A data source of 2,500,000 stars
  • A catalogue of 10,000 galaxies, galaxies as well as star clusters
  • A direction of monitoring which is quickly regulated by a computer mouse and also in actual time
  • A specific depiction of the evident skies from a factor on the earth's surface area on a provided day
  • A 3D user interface to provide more realism to holy objects
  • An estimation of significant expensive sensations noticeable from an observation point on the earth
  • Comprehensive info regarding each things
  • A computation of the positions of the major satellites of Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus as well as Neptune, of comets and of asteroids
  • A synopsis of the celestial equator, the ecliptic, and a grid of azimuthal and equatorial works with
  • A 3D rundown of the worldly orbits
  • Drives a huge range of telescopes
  • Suitable with the seti@home BOINC variation
  • Net sources are additionally offered
  • upgraded comets as well as asteroids' components, quizing of DSS (Digitized Skies Survey) servers to obtain a photograph of that section of the sky being presented by the program, a notice of the exposure of synthetic satellites


  • 1GHz CPU
  • DirectX variation 9.0 c.
  • 128 MEGABYTES of RAM.
  • 100 MB of hard disk space.
  • a 3D video card with a minimum of 65535 colors (16 little bits).

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